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100 themes challenge: #1 Laziness :iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 0 15
What really matters...
I'm just a lowly plain Jane, not worth any time or consideration
Just ignore me, let me take sanctuary in my imagination
I have all that I need in Liz and Wing,
They're always there to ease the sting
Today, once again, I lost another friend,
I must stay in the shadows, this time, without end
I'm afraid it's come to the point, I don't even want to try
To my dear old friends, I guess this is goodbye
I fade into the darkness, no more will I shine, I smile but I resent you
For taking away what was mine
So, go on, just ignore me, it's okay really, I'm fine
Because there are things you can never take from me
Wing and Liz, always by my side.
:iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 2 62
Forgiveness at Freddy's: Wing's Letter
Dear Queen Liz,
  I know Vincent feels regret for what he did. He is trapped by Guilt, Sadness, Anger, and Self Loathing. I know he can be free and find some semblance of Peace, but he must first Forgive Himself. By Forgiving Himself, He’ll be able to Let Go of that Guilt, Sadness, and, Self Hatred. By doing that, he will Break Free of the Chains and Prison that hold him Captive. It’s Never Easy to Forgive Ourselves and Let Go of our Past Mistakes, but we must in order to Really be able to Move Forward and Move On.
                              Your loyal head warrior, and hero of                                    
                               prophecy, Wing          
:iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 2 10
Forgiveness at Freddy's: Nani's Letter
Dear Queen Liz,
  The children have finally let go of the Hatred, Sorrow, Bitterness, Anger, and, Resentment they’ve held for so long. They’ve moved on and are at peace.
  I can’t even begin to imagine how much Negativity those children held. Being brutally murdered and then being trapped in a place with the same thing over and over, everyday and night for over 30 years.
 But after the children departed, something Profound struck me. After the children found comfort, they were Freed, Released. But I believe there’s more to it. I believe that when the children found comfort, they were able to Forgive Vincent for what he did to them. They were able to Let Go of their Hatred of him and the Pain he caused them, which in turn, set them free. They were Freed, not because they found a bit of comfort or because they got their revenge, but because they Forgave.
  Holding onto Hatred, Anger, Sorrow, Pain, Resentfulness,
:iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 2 4
Since she's been gone...
Since She's been gone
Based on the hit song:
"It's Been So Long"
by The Living Tombstone
I dunno what I was thinking
Leaving Nani behind
Now I suffer the curse and now I am blind
With all this anger, guilt and sadness
Coming to haunt me forever
I can't wait for the cliff at the end of the river
Is this revenge I am seeking
Or seeking someone to avenge her
Stuck in my own paradox I wanna set myself free
Maybe I should chase and find
Before they'll try to stop it
won't be long before I'm a corrupted puppet
It's been too long
Since I’ve last seen my Nani
Lost to those monsters
To the women behind the slaughter
Since she's been gone
I've been singing this stupid song
So I could ponder
The sanity of your brother
I wish I lived in the present
With the gift of my past mistakes
But the future keeps luring in like a pack of snakes
Sweet big brown eyes, your little smile
Is all I remember
Those fuzzy memories mess with my temper
Justification is killing me
But dying ain't justified
What ha
:iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 0 37
Mature content
New O.C. Backstory ::Tristan Briar:: :iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 2 8
Spirit of Friendship and Forgiveness
Last night and in the morning, I was having a dream about an old friend of mine. He, my Fiance, and, myself all lived together in a nice apartment. We all had a lot of fun together! Why is this so important and significant? Well, this old friend of mine, Nate, committed suicide just a week before graduation. It was a total shock to everyone. He was one of the happiest, fun, and sweetest guys you would have ever got the privilege to meet. He was like the big brother I never had. His girlfriend was sweet too. She stood up for me once against some bullies. The thing was, the day before he... passed away. I felt something was up with him. There was just something dark hanging over him. I tried talking to him about it, but he was busy getting his last few assignments done and I was told by a teacher to leave him to it. When I found out about what had happend, that very night actually, I couldn't help but blame myself. Thinking things like maybe if I had been more persistant and stayed and t
:iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 0 0
Why me?
“Why me?” Thats a question that has lingered in my mind since the day you took me as your mate. There are so many women out there that are prettier, smarter, more together, and just, better than I am. I’m not much. I’m just me. That’s the reason I’m asking, why did you choose me? What do you see in me? I have to say that, when we started out, I was very scared, terrified really. My heart has been damaged, broken, shattered many, many times before. I still bear those scars. I thought at any moment you’d turn and reject me, just like all the other’s did. But you didn’t. Once again I ask “why?”, “Why me?”.
  I’m not beautiful. I’m not smart. I’m not graceful. I’m fat, Stupid, and, clumsy. I have Asperger’s, I have more anxiety than a pig at a bacon factory, and I’m me. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t love me, but yet, you do. I couldn’t be more t
:iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 1 50
Ninja shark of DOOM! by jakrocker17 Ninja shark of DOOM! :iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 1 5 Hiryu Same by jakrocker17 Hiryu Same :iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 2 29
Hiryu Same Bio
Hiryu Same
  Hiryu Same is a cybernetic ninja created by Nani. He stands at 6 ft. 9 in. and weighs 205 pounds. He looks to be 24-25 years old. Personality wise, he can be aggressive and a quite competitive, sort of an alpha male, but he can be very calm and gentle with those he cares about. Being protective and warmhearted and. If you threaten his family, you’ll find a sword at your throat in seconds. He has a teleportation device built into his body, allowing him to warp around as much as he likes. He also possesses a built in cloaking device that allows him invisibility for up to 15 minutes. He has all the gear and weapons a ninja could ever need or want. He has super speed and agility, and is a master at acrobatics and fighting. His design is based off of Nani’s favorite ninja (Who she has a fangirl crush on), Strider Hiryu. He is named after him, and his last name Same (pronounced Sah-may) means Shark in Japanese. The reason for this is his shark like teeth. He is
:iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 1 26
Crow and Raven Bio
Crow and Raven
  Crow and Raven are twin androids created by Nani. The two share a strong bond and are rarely seen apart. Though they are very close, they have very different personalities. The two of them were originally one single soul sphere, but split into two separate souls during creation.
Crow is the athletic one. From Swimming to Surfing, to Basketball and football. He loves sports! He is laid back and fun to hang out with. He is quite competitive and won’t turn down a challenge. Thus he and Hiryu often race and compete against each other. but they’re friends so it’s all in good fun. Though he will never admit it, he enjoys drawing and also knitting and hand crafts. He especially loves wood and metal working. He is protective of his family and his “younger” brother. Crow is the type of guy who’ll always have your back in any situation.
Raven is the intellect. Though fairly athletic his real strength is in his intelligence an
:iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 0 0
Raven-chan by jakrocker17 Raven-chan :iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 1 4 Crow-kun by jakrocker17 Crow-kun :iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 1 0 Happy Birthday Corpse-boy by jakrocker17 Happy Birthday Corpse-boy :iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 1 2
Nani's Love Letter
  Nani sat at her computer. Liz had obviously gone to bed. Her replies had stopped an hour before, but Nani remained awake. It was then that she began to feel a familiar loneliness she hadn’t felt since she had met her life-mate, Liz. That’s when an ingenious idea struck her mind. She could still talk to Liz! In a form she never had. A love letter. The she-wolf sat back and typed the words from her scarred heart. Turning it into a letter of her feelings toward the love of her life.
Have you ever felt true loneliness. The kind so heavy that you talk to yourself just to make yourself feel like you're not truly alone. Whenever you go to bed, that's what happens to me. Ya' know, I've never actually had a father. My "dad” left when I was three, for another woman and her kids. He always loved my sister more, to top it all off. And Chris, we all know what he's done to me. I've had a bit of writers block lately, but I'm coming out of it slowly. I honestly wish you and I
:iconjakrocker17:jakrocker17 1 6


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Wing is coming back full force! He was my firt O.C. and it's time to give him the spotlight he deserves! His 22nd birthday is also coming up soon! 
 on another note, my parents are going away on a trip for a couple of days. I'm a little on edge since I'll be home alone. I couldn't sleep last night becuase of anxiety. Thus I didn't go to school today. I hope my Fiance, Liz, isn't mad. That would just make it even worse for me. I love you, Liz. Sorry if I've upset you!


jakrocker17's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I started drawing when I was young, about 8-10-ish. I eventually discovered Manga and anime, and how to draw it. Needless to say, I got very interested in this easy to draw, but absolutely beautiful art style and stuck to it! My first ever character was Wing BlazeFeather, a male Pheonix Angel. A few years later, I created Hart Krusher. A Sexy, loyal, and bad-ass Dragon boy. A little while later, After I graduated high school, I was very, very lonely and was falling into a depression, until I met the one person that would make my life complete, who would make me feel, whole. Her name was Liz. At first I was shy and a teensy bit scared of being betrayed, (lIke my days in elementary school) But when I sat down and talked to her, we just clicked. I know it sounds utterly cliche, but After I met Liz, I truly believed in love at first sight. They say that when you meet that one person you're meant to spend eternity with, you just feel it, you know that this person is the one in 60 Billion. I can say for a fact now, that what they say is true, and that feeling is something you will NEVER forget!

I am Now trying to Get into a video game design school and find a place to live with my wonderful Seme, Liz.

:D ;) ;P :)


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